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Dress for Confidence with Versatile Office Wear for Ladies

As you step into the professional world, you will need clothing that reflects your personality while adhering to company dress codes. Whether it’s a client meeting, a job interview or a regular day at the office, our ladies’ formal wear will leave you looking polished and confident in front of those who matter. 

Professional Attire for Every Occasion

Our versatile and functional collection suits the needs of the modern working woman in Malaysia. Every piece in our office attire collection combines timeless elements with contemporary designs, making it easy to mix and match, so you have more styles to dress up in every morning. 

Pair a sleek pencil skirt or flare pants with a crisp blouse for a go-to outfit, or opt for A-line or midi dresses for greater convenience, especially for rushed mornings. When an occasion calls for it, layer with a statement blazer to enhance any formal look during a presentation or company photoshoot. Spending the evenings with your girlfriends after work? Our tuxedo dresses, puff sleeve tops and stylish jumpsuits will easily take you from the office to any night out.

Our styles also cater to the varying dressing preferences of women in Malaysia, including modern work clothes featuring loose-fitted outfits and longer sleeves.

Offering the Perfect Fit

At Love, Bonito, we're committed to bringing accessible and stylish apparel to the Asian female market, so everyday women like yourself can feel confident in their chosen outfits. Every design is thoughtfully crafted and lovingly brought to life by our talented team of in-house designers and seamstresses. Keeping Asian proportions in mind, we style every apparel with care, focusing on perfecting quality and functionality. Each piece is fitted on everyday Asian women, allowing us to refine our seam lines on custom-made mannequins that reflect various sizes and body types.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Wear For Ladies

What are the four basic types of workplace attire for women?

The four basic types of workplace attire for women are business professional, business casual, smart casual and casual. Business professional attire refers to the most formal outfits, often comprising dress pants and blouses paired with blazers and covered shoes. Business casual retains the polished look while offering more comfort. Dresses, pleated skirts and cardigans are often the go-to choices. Smart casual means you can dress down while keeping it neat. Untucked shirts, darker denim jackets and jeans and essential clothing from our staples collection are popular options. Casual, as the term suggests, reflects informality and comfort, characterised by t-shirts, hoodies and summer dresses. 

What are the best colours for ladies’ office wear?

Neutral and solid colours such as black, navy, grey, beige and white, as well as pastel shades, are the best choices for office wear for women. Bright colours like red or pink can also be incorporated as accents to add some personality to the outfit, but are best styled in moderation.

What is unprofessional for women to wear to work?

Clothing that is too revealing and displays offensive graphics or language is unprofessional for women to wear to work. For example, avoid mini dresses and skirts, cleavage-hugging tops, ripped jeans and flip-flops when planning your office outfits. You are also advised to skip attire that is too flamboyant, such as dresses meant for prom or evening parties.