The Staples by Love, Bonito

#TeamLB Guide


Nyra Wide Leg Linen Culottes

with tips on how to take on transeasonal dressing.


A wider range of sizes for your selection, there's one for for everybody and every body.  

Be comfortable in your own skin with the effortless dressing that Staples brings — your foundational pieces for everyday pairings.

Meet three confident women who have thrived and become comfortable in their own skin.

Eugenia Ye-Yeo

The Founder and Brand Owner of Nodspark

How and what you do to love yourself?
Loving myself comes in so many forms for me. On a fun note it's dressing nicely (for myself), grooming (with Nodspark, no less), and carving out a pockets time to do things that feeds my soul, like gardening or decluttering.

On a more serious, loving myself is taking care of my health and body- ensuring I get enough sleep, get in the routine of exercise, and make conscious effort to keep the body well.

Naomi Anneliese

A Curve Model and a Small Business Owner

What is one thing you appreciate the most in your life that has helped you be comfortable in your own skin?
Taking time to understand my body shape has helped me a lot. When we understand our body shape we can pick outfits to help accentuate the areas we want and thus creating an overall confident person.

Shireena Shroff Manchharam

A Life & Happiness Coach, Founder and Creator of Getting To Happy™

What is one challenge you’ve faced in loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin?
The moment I peg unrealistic expectations on myself or compare myself to others, was when I didn’t love myself and was in constant self-doubt.

I remember when I was 25 years old, when I wanted to have a child, and the doctors told me I would never get pregnant naturally - and the feeling of not being like every other woman or not capable enough to have a baby naturally made me feel so inadequate.

I pivoted from self-loathing to being more grateful and kind to myself, becoming more positive in my IVF journey. Over time I began to accept the body I had, and love it for going through so much in order to produce my two beautiful children.

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