Behind The Design

Footwear 2022:
Walking on Sunshine

Our newest footwear collection invites you to step into the season’s joy with a timeless mix of slingbacks, sandals and flats – it’s like walking on sunshine.


For the perfect summer, Walking on Sunshine features modern and classic accents of colour and breezy wearability.

Inspired by the Ikebana – a centuries-old Japanese art of flower arrangement guided by deliberate attention to colour, line, form, and function - every design was guided by the concept of less is more and artfully crafted with functional elegance in mind.

  • Setting the tone with the serenity in Ikebana, we gravitated towards a calming colour palette with soft neutrals and pastels, introducing fresh colours like daffodil and willow to complement our all-time favourite earthy shades. 

Your summer must-haves

"Inspired by that free feeling you get when you’re away from home. This collection is super versatile and chic - an ultimate summer wardrobe essential! Easily dress the pairs up or down to walk with you to work, brunch or dinner! (but maybe skip the workouts)" - Vivian Cho, designer for the footwear collection

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