Founded by avid sportswomen Olivia and Tiffany, cheak provides quality, affordable activewear — no matter your movement of choice.

Choose from 3 styles for different levels of support: BaseFlex® for low-intensity activities; BaseCore® for high-intensity workouts; Recreation for work, play or leisure.

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Love, Bonito Activewear Apparel

Love, Bonito's activewear collection is where fashion, quality and function come together in an effortless union. Thoughtfully-designed with choice materials, our line of activewear apparel seeks to empower women in Singapore to embrace their active lifestyles with renewed confidence.

After all, activewear is not just about the clothes you wear but the mindset you bring to your workout. The best women's activewear should maximise your confidence and keep you motivated throughout each exercise – and we only wish to give you the best.

Effortlessly Versatile Women’s Workout Outfits

Love, Bonito has a stellar selection of women’s activewear for every fitness journey. Our range includes must-have pieces like sports bras, jogger pants and shorts, as well as stylish gym tops– all available in an array of stunning shades. Switch up your look with fashionable pieces such as hoodies and skorts to create the perfect workout ensemble, or pair them with pants and jeans for a casual outfit that’ll take you from barre to brunch.

Elevate Your Practice with Stylish Yoga Wear

Our activewear is made with a perfect combination of cosy and resilient fabric to ensure maximum comfort when you wear them during any workout. From morning stretches to hot yoga sessions, our ultra-stretchable outfits and airy yoga pants will never hinder your limberness as you attain mindfulness in each pose -allowing for optimal flexibility, style and strength.

Supportive Women’s Gym Attire

Feel your strongest in our line of flattering gym wear for women as you refresh your personal bests, slowly and steadily. Whether you are booking a high-intensity spin class after work or heading for a round of pilates with your girls, Love, Bonito’s collection of sports bras, gym shorts and activewear can provide different levels of support that’ll keep you comfortable while you’re sweating it out. 

Buy Love, Bonito’s Women’s Activewear Online in Singapore

Embody your best self with Love, Bonito's women’s activewear collection online – sweat-wicking and chic, it's simply minimalist athleisure at its finest. Refresh your wardrobe and buy one of our stylish pieces to enjoy complimentary shipping to any Singapore address when you spend at least $49. Join us as we embrace our active lifestyles together!

Frequently Asked Questions about Love, Bonito’s Women’s Activewear

What is activewear?

Activewear has come a long way since its initial creation when it was defined strictly by sport and exercise. Today, these garments can be found in many different kinds of styles suitable for a large variety of activities. Whether it's an active dress that transitions from the tennis court to the mall seamlessly or a fashionable sports bra for the gym and beyond, the modern women's gym apparel has a wide range of stylish and functional options.

How to look good in activewear?

Looking great in women's activewear starts with finding the right pieces for your activity and taste. Look for tops or bottoms that fit your body type and match your style. If you're searching for a more fashionable take on gym apparel, try playing around with different outfit combinations or colours you rarely find in your wardrobe. 

Where to buy activewear for women?

Love, Bonito is the premier destination for top-grade activewear for women in Singapore. Available online and in physical stores around the island, our selection of women's workout clothes is tailored to fit your everyday exercises like yoga or gym sessions. With an unrivalled blend of comfort and style, they will be the perfect outfits for hitting your workout goals in style!