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Love, Bonito - Online Shopping for Women's Clothing in Singapore

At Love, Bonito, we believe the clothing you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident. We design women’s clothes that are accessible to the everyday Asian woman, with great fit and quality. We believe that when we put on a well-made outfit, it makes a difference in the way we feel about ourselves–we stand a little taller, speak a little louder and shine a little brighter.

Our styles are made for life’s seasons and moments. Whether you’re transitioning into the working world, entering motherhood, or celebrating a special occasion in your life, our styles are designed to journey with you. Made for a range of silhouettes, our clothing can be styled on women of all body types. Versatile and functional, our fashionable pieces can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks that take you through the week.

Love, Bonito is committed to providing an online shopping experience that is seamless and constantly innovating to meet your needs.

Thoughtfully Tailored Clothing To Inspire Confidence in Asian Women

At Love, Bonito, our focus is on the Asian female market, bringing accessible and thoughtfully-designed apparel that flatter and make one feel good. Designed in Singapore, our clothing are lovingly made in-house by our team of talented designers and seamstresses.

Our styles are made with care, ensuring quality and value through thoughtful yet functional design details. Sample pieces are fitted on everyday women with Asian proportions. We perfect our seam lines on custom-made mannequins that reflect Asian women’s sizes and body types. From staples to ladies workwear, every piece goes through several fitting rounds, with extra care taken and adjustments made to achieve the Asian fit.

We aim to empower Asian women in their journey of self-discovery; to embrace and be comfortable with who they are.

Why are we called Love, Bonito?

Love, Bonito was previously known as ‘BonitoChico’ when it started as a website selling pre-loved clothing, which grew to become a full-fledged fashion retailer, and we're heading to become the top of mind brand for women to find dresses in Singapore.

Is Love, Bonito a Singapore brand?

Love, Bonito started out in Singapore in 2005, with its co-founders selling their pre-loved apparel as BonitoChico. Today, we have evolved to be one of the largest omnichannel womenswear brands in Southeast Asia, with online and physical presence in many key markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. There are plans to also increase our omnichannel presence in the US, with pop-up clothing stores in key states, such as California and New York in the coming years.

What is Love, Bonito best known for?

We pride ourselves in designing women’s apparel that is beyond trendy–styles that fill a gap in the market. We focus on creating accessible and thoughtful designs for the everyday Asian woman; clothes that journey with her through various seasons of her life–from everyday staples, to workwear, party dresses, maternity outfits as well as kids wear. Our styles are available online and in-stores.