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For all the women out there who are feeling cornered and afraid because of domestic violence, we're partnering with AWARE to create a new avenue for help.


If you are reading and feeling stifled or watched, bookmark this page.

Let this be your disguise. Revisit at a safe time and reach out for help.

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re all staying at home—but home isn’t a safe space for everyone. AWARE is seeing a record number of calls to its Helpline. And plenty more women are trapped in abusive situations without the privacy to even make a phone call.


Abuse comes in many forms. More than physical violence, it can be emotional, psychological, sexual, financial abuse.


If you're facing abuse at home, schedule a call or an online chat with AWARE’s Helpline. You’ll get a 30-minute slot timed for your convenience and safety. On either call or chat, you’ll receive practical information, emotional support or simply a listening ear. 



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