New & Improved Features

You may have noticed: we’ve made some upgrades to our website. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the new & improved features - and what you can look out for coming soon!

Cast Your Vote
Have your say on what you want restocked

Find something you like but it’s already out of stock? Tell us!

You can now cast your vote for an item to be brought back. Select your preferred color/size and leave us your email address so you’ll be the first to know if/when it’s back - your voice matters!

  • From left: Janice, Stella, Sonia, Livia, Zara
  • Style Ambassadors
Book A Stylist
Get personal and honest style advice

Sometimes it’s just easier to have someone else shop for you. You can now book a 1-hour session with our Style Ambassadors who will help you find what you need, via an uninterrupted and seamless shopping experience (yes, this means no queues!)

What is Book-a-Stylist?
A complimentary, by-appointment personal shopping service, designed to help you discover, embrace, and be your best self.

Book A Session

The blog

All our girl-gang secrets
in one place

From style hacks, to beauty secrets, to career advice and nutrition tips & tricks from incredible women everywhere - our new blog’s got it all. It’s like your favourite magazine, but better. Your one-stop shop for all things female, make sure to check it out and leave us a little comment while you’re there.

Take Me To The Blog

Store Credit
Have Store Credits? Use them anywhere

You can now use your Store Credits when you’re shopping online or in stores - your choice.

Oh, and did we mention Store Credits never expire? We’ll also remind you to use it at checkout!

Here’s how to pay with Store Credits in store
1. Sign into your Love, Bonito account on the website
2. Go to My Account > QR Code
3. Scan to pay. Easy peasy!

Gift Card

Gift card about to expire? Here’s a quick hack:

Convert your physical or online gift cards into Store Credits so they’ll never expire!

Here’s how
1. Sign into your Love Bonito account on the website
2. Go to My Account > Deposit gift card
3. Type your gift card code in and drop it into your Store Credits so you can always keep track of it!
4. All set - you’ll never have to worry again! Shop on your own time.

Note: Gift cards must be used in the country where they were purchased (store / website). If you are holding a current retail gift card, head down to the store to exchange it for a new giftcard (to deposit into your Store Credits) from now to 31 July. If you prefer to keep your current retail gift card, the cards are still valid for use until the expiry date stated on the card.

Have your returns processed right away

Sometimes, things don’t work out - we get it. Just bring your items to return in any of our stores and get your credits for immediate use. Might as well shop since you’re already there, right?

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for exciting new features we have for you,
launching in the next couple of weeks!






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