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Encapsulate Elegance in Love, Bonito’s Maxi Dresses 

Add a touch of timeless elegance and versatility to your wardrobe with maxi dresses from Love, Bonito. Our collection of maxi dresses is designed to celebrate feminine power, while offering effortless grace for any occasion. Designed with the needs and silhouettes of the modern Asian woman in mind, our maxi dresses span a wide variety of styles to take you seamlessly from office to out on the town. Breathable fabrics like linen and cotton also ensure you stay cool and collected all day long, even in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

It’s time to discover the joy of wearing a maxi dress that not only fits your style but also celebrates your unique personality. Our collection caters to different preferences, occasions, and moods, ensuring you find the perfect dress that resonates with you. Whether you're searching for a floral maxi dress perfect for brunch, or a formal long dress with sleeves for special occasions, or a dress for your bump. Love, Bonito’s curated range has the perfect pieces to enhance your wardrobe. 


Elevate your Style with Love, Bonito Singapore

At Love, Bonito, we believe that a maxi dress is more than just an outfit; it's an expression of your personal style. From flowy silhouettes that sway gracefully with each step to intricately designed patterns that reflect your individuality, our maxi dresses make a statement that’s uniquely yours, while maintaining all-day comfort. Pair with a tailored blazer to be instantly office-ready, or dress down with a denim jacket for your next weekend brunch.

Bring out the richest contours and intricacies of your personal style with Love, Bonito’s wide range of apparel for women. From elegant maxi dresses to structured pencil skirts to vibrant jumpsuits, our women’s clothing ensures you’ll be sure to stand out in any room. Browse our online store to see our full range of sizes and designs, or visit any Love, Bonito store near you to try on your perfect fit before you buy it.


Frequently Asked Questions About Maxi Dresses


Do maxi dresses make you look shorter or taller?

Maxi dresses do have the potential to make you appear taller due to their elongating silhouette. Pairing your dress with a short cropped jacket can lengthen this silhouette further, along with opting for vertical patterns or solid colours to create the illusion of height. Complete your maxi dress outfit with heels to further enhance this effect.


Are maxi dresses supposed to touch the floor?

Maxi dresses are designed to be longer in length, typically touching the floor or hovering just above it. This length contributes to the elegant and flowing look that maxi dresses are known and beloved for. However, personal preference also plays a role; some may prefer a slightly shorter length to prevent tripping or for ease of movement, whereas others may appreciate a longer hemline for enhanced modesty or coverage.


Can you wear a long dress casually in Singapore?

Absolutely! Love, Bonito’s long dresses, including maxi dresses, can be worn casually no matter what the weather. We use breathable materials to design our dresses, ensuring you get the right coverage while still staying comfortable in Singapore’s high humidity. Functional features such as spaghetti straps, cut-out backs, and sewn-in bra cups further enhance comfort, while ensuring you can still express your unique personal style.