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Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and unique. With this in mind, Clarins and Love, Bonito wants to celebrate each precious maternity milestone with all of you through the most challenging yet heartwarming of moments — as your body gets ready to bring forth new life and love.

Introduce yourself and what you do in a sentence!

I’m Teresa, I’m a textile artist — I sew, embellish and draw.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to Clarins’ customers and the #LBCommunity?

Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. You’re making a tiny human being — that’s so amazing. Surround yourself with friends and moms who encouraging and supportive. Anxiety can be such a crippling thing during pregnancy.

"Conceiving doesn't happen immediately and as easily as the TV shows and movies make it seem!"

What are some of the common skincare concerns or skin issues you faced during pregnancy, and what would be your advice or solution?

I'm quite lucky that my skin didn't suffer so much during pregnancy. I drink a lot of water and as much as I can, I keep myself hydrated all day (we all know how difficult even drinking water can be during the first trimester when you’re nauseated all the time!) I’ve only started noticing faint stretch marks on the underside of my belly recently which is quite a bummer, but as per above — be kind to yourself! :)

What are some beauty essentials on your journey towards motherhood?

Skincare has always been on the list of my beauty essentials. Is sun block counted? It’s my number one thing on the beauty essentials list! I find that with pregnancy… skin pigmentation is a thing?! A good moisturiser for your face and body, as well as a good stretch marks cream.

"Skincare has always been on the list of my beauty essentials."

Which is your favourite Clarins Maternity product, and why?

I’ve been using the Tonic Body Treatment Oil and it's definitely my favourite. I love it because of how it feels on my skin.

Whenever my belly is stretched to a new level of tight through the pregnancy, it becomes so itchy. Applying the treatment oil really gives it relief. Also, it smells amazing!

Featuring Clarins Energizing Emulsion, Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert, Exfoliating Body Scrub, Tonic Body Treatment Oil, UV Plus [5P] Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA+++, V Shaping Facial Lift

Which is your favourite Love, Bonito Embrace piece, and why?

100% definitely the Meara jumpsuit! It is so comfortable. It’s easy to put on, especially when you’re pregnant you dont want to be struggling with your clothes.

The one thing I love the most is that its not just a piece you can wear whilst you’re pregnant, I see myself wearing this even way after. It has zips on both sides that allows for easy access for breast feeding, which is a huge plus.


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