Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and unique. With this in mind, Clarins and Love, Bonito wants to celebrate each precious maternity milestone with all of you through the most challenging yet heartwarming of moments — as your body gets ready to bring forth new life and love.

Introduce yourself and what you do in a sentence!

I’m the co-founder and creative director of The Paper Bunny, and a mommy to the sweetest 5 year old boy (with one more on the way!).

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to Clarins’ customers and the #LBCommunity for each pregnancy milestone?

During Pregnancy

Eating for two doesn’t mean eating double! Eating healthily and regularly is important, but you don’t need to eat that much more to feed your growing baby. Regular exercise was also something I did during my first pregnancy (something I wish i had more time for now), and it really helped me still energetic during pregnancy and bounce back much quicker after.

At The Hospital

Being at the hospital was actually like a hotel stay for me (the calm before the storm). Personally, I would recommend letting baby sleep in the nursery while you get all the rest you can and all the learning you can get from the nurses.

After Delivery

Go easy on yourself, and take this new phase as an adventure. It’s gonna be hard and exhausting and yet the most amazing journey ever. Enjoy the littleness of your little one, they will never be so little again - in a blink of an eye they get real big :’)

"Go easy on yourself, and take this new phase as an adventure. It's gonna be hard and exhausting and yet the most amazing journey ever."

What are some beauty essentials on your journey towards motherhood?

Clarins' maternity body care products are top of my list. They actually work, and actually do wonders for my sanity too. I love the Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert and the Tonic Oil. I slather everything on before I sleep like one big security blanket towards staying confident and happy during my pregnancy.

Which is your favourite Clarins Maternity product, and why?

Definitely the Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert — it took me through my first pregnancy with no stretch marks at all, and I bought myself a bottle in anticipation of my second baby way before we finally got pregnant. It keeps my skin well moisturised, smells great, and knowing that it actually works keeps me really motivated to be consistent in using it everyday.

Which is your favourite Love, Bonito Embrace piece, and why?

I love the Louise Knit Midaxi Dress with the tie-detail in the front — it is elegant, flattering, comfortable and also hides unsightly bumps with the sash detail. Comfort is very important to me in dressing and I love that it is a priority for Love, Bonito as well.



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