Co-founder and principal designer at Houseofchais

Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and unique. With this in mind, Clarins and Love, Bonito wants to celebrate each precious maternity milestone with all of you through the most challenging yet heartwarming of moments — as your body gets ready to bring forth new life and love.

Introduce yourself and what you do in a sentence!

Co-founder and principal designer at Houseofchais, known for designing bright & airy insta-worthy spaces, turning every house into a home.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to Clarins’ customers and the #LBCommunity for each pregnancy milestone?

During pregnancy

Pamper yourself, rest plenty, care for your body!

At the hospital

Request for a gym ball to bounce on – to encourage baby to move down and help with dilation.

After Delivery

Rest & focus on recovery as much as you can, leave all chores to the hubby or nanny :p of course, enjoy those precious new born times with the baby (get lots of skin to skin!)

"I wish I knew about the essentials for postnatal recovery – Perineal spray, witch hazel pads, icepacks, Epsom salts to help with pain & recovery."

What are some of the common skincare concerns or skin issues you faced during pregnancy, and what would be your advice or solution?

Dry skin & stretch marks – invest in good skincare products and be conscientious in applying them!

What are some beauty essentials on your journey towards motherhood?

Sunblock (is a must!) as our skin gets extra sensitive during pregnancy. I kept my usual routine of toner, serum, moisturiser, masking for face & stretch mark cream and oil for my body. Kept to all pregnancy safe products!

Which is your favourite Clarins Maternity product, and why?

I have started on Clarins Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert (in morning) and Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil (at night) 6 months before my pregnancy – they are absolutely my favourite – I had minimal stretch marks thanks to these. I also love the smell of the tonic treatment oil and it kept me so relaxed after my shower in the evenings.

Featuring Clarins Energizing Emulsion and Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Which is your favourite Love, Bonito Embrace piece, and why?

Louis Knit Dress. I love the square neck details & how its super flattering! Its also in the most comfortable & high stretch fabric! The perfect work or weekend dress that look so effortlessly smart.


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