Dipna Lim


Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and unique. With this in mind, Clarins and Love, Bonito wants to celebrate each precious maternity milestone with all of you through the most challenging yet heartwarming of moments — as your body gets ready to bring forth new life and love.

Introduce yourself and what you do in a sentence!

Hi! I’m Dipna, I’m a retired national runner. I'm a full-time mum who coaches and runs In My Shoes (a social movement I co-founded).

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to Clarins’ customers and the #LBCommunity for each pregnancy milestone?

During pregnancy

Plan ahead and be kind to yourself and schedule intentional rest, even if it’s just 10 minutes between Zoom calls. I remember always packing my day full to the brim because I felt that I needed to get as much done as possible before baby was out!

At the hospital

Have an idea of what you want your experience to be, but be flexible because you never know! And have something to look forward to post-labour (for me it was bubble tea!)

After Delivery

Don’t compare. Take things slow. Your new family is special and perfect in its own way.

"Pregnancy is so different for each woman, and each time. My experiences during my first and second pregnancies have been so different! I also found it so important to be physically fit — so my body was more ready to handle the bodily changes that happen during pregnancy and to recover more quickly from labour too."

What are some of the common skincare concerns or skin issues you faced during pregnancy, and what would be your advice or solution?

Pigmentation — wear sunscreen daily. Even indoors. And my skin was extra dry so I moisturised extra.

What are some beauty essentials on your journey towards motherhood?

Sunscreen, moisturiser, body oil (layered on top of moisturiser), and concealer!

Which is your favourite Clarins Maternity product, and why?

I love both the Body Partner Stretchmark Expert and Tonic Body Treatment Oil (I love the scent). I always layer them after my shower before bed. It’s a little ritual.

Which is your favourite Love, Bonito Embrace piece, and why?

It’s either the jumpsuit (so easy to throw on!) or the biker shorts so comfy and perfect for extra hot days or when you’re running errands (or when I’m running after my toddler).



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