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Every woman’s journey to motherhood is beautiful and unique. With this in mind, Clarins and Love, Bonito wants to celebrate each precious maternity milestone with all of you through the most challenging yet heartwarming of moments — as your body gets ready to bring forth new life and love.

Introduce yourself and what you do in a sentence!

I am Atyy Malek, a television personality and now a new mum!

What are some of the common skincare concerns or skin issues you faced during pregnancy, and what would be your advice or solution?

My skin was not the prettiest during my pregnancy. I had breakouts all over my face, certain areas of my skin became really pigmented like my underarms, my belly button area and my dark circles. My stretch marks bothers me too.

I decided to let my skin breathe and did not put on much makeup throughout my pregnancy. It also helps that I have monthly facial visits too. I get to keep my skin healthy and pamper myself at the same time. My pregnancy acne got better between my second to third trimester. As for my pigmentations and stretch marks, I was advised by my experienced mummy friends to just apply stretch marks cream even before it appeared. It worked! Thankfully I do not have stretch marks on my tummy area but it appeared on my thigh and bum. It was my mistake thinking that stretch marks only appear on tummy so I did not focus on other areas. Maybe you can try!

"I wish I knew of the changes it would do to my life. My lifestyle, my body, my time, my routine and at some point, health too. Priorities immediately changed. My mistake during pregnancy was focusing too much on the preparations for the (then) coming baby that I forgot I need to prepare and care for myself for a brand new life too. My family and I were excited for the first baby in the family that we did not see the challenges coming. It gets overwhelming sometimes. I wish I had mentally prepped myself for those moments."

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to Clarins’ customers and the #LBCommunity for each pregnancy milestone?

During pregnancy

Always keep yourself healthy physically and mentally. Cherish this 9 months the most. It’s the time where you will get all the attention and care before your baby comes :D Also, no matter how much your body changes, keep telling yourself it’s a beautiful change and a miracle is happening inside you.

At the hospital

Especially for first time mummys-to-be, anxiety kicked in the moment I was on my way to the hospital. Try your best to not overthink. Focus on delivering the baby well and safe. It helped watching breathing technique videos to help calm down before and during labour. I battled 33 hours of contractions without any painkillers. Just solely breathing well. Not encouraging you to follow me because it was draining, haha!

After Delivery

It’ll hit you like a truck! The pain, the realisation that you have your bundle of joy to care for and adapting to the immediate change in your life. Focus on your recovery and reach out for help if it’s too overwhelming. Keep in mind that a Healthy mummy = healthy baby and a Happy mummy = happy baby too!

What are some beauty essentials on your journey towards motherhood?

During pregnancy, sometimes you feel or get bloated especially on the face. I ice my face every morning when I wake up to reduce the puffiness. Not sure if it’s just my mind but I feel less bloated when I ice my face. One beauty tip and beauty essential I kind of figured out myself. Haha! Alternatively, you can use facial rollers and put them in the freezer! It works too!

Which is your favourite Clarins Maternity product, and why?

Can I say all? Clarins' Maternity products are everything a mummy/mummy-to-be needs! But if I really have to choose one, it is definitely the Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert. A mummy shared with me about this stretch mark cream and I bought one for myself. Not sure if it was the tip about applying stretch mark cream even before having it or the cream does work wonders but I LOVE IT ANYWAY.

Which is your favourite Love, Bonito Embrace piece, and why?

I love the Cornelia Swing Dress. It is a versatile piece that I can wear on any occasions and I can wear it before during or after pregnancy. It has ample room for the growing stomach and It’s made of comfortable material too!


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