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Love, Bonito is the leading vertically integrated, omni-channel womenswear brand in Southeast Asia today. Renowned for its perfection of the Asian fit, Love, Bonito takes a thoughtful, innovative and data-centric approach in creating the right experiences, products, community and content for Asian women globally. We have plans to venture deeper into and beyond fashion, to be a true life partner for our community of women with big dreams.

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Our Mission

To empower the everyday Asian woman and inspire self-confidence


To evolve into a female ecosystem. With our core business in fashion, we are looking to expand into Active & Wellness.

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Great and lasting organisations are a construct of its people and are designed with intention, care and heart.

Our Values

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Women in Tech

A key part of Love, Bonito is rooted in women who are taking innovative steps forward in Tech. If you're ready to take on some of technology's greatest challenges and have fresh ideas to transform processes and products, come join the passionate women driving tech here as part of #TeamLB.

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Love, Bonito is an evolving brand that journeys with women, taking on a meaningful approach to fashion that allows for bold and real conversations to take place.

Equal Hiring

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We recruit employees based on merit and treat them fairly with respect. We provide our employees equal opportunities to be considered for training and development based on an assessment of their strengths and needs with the intention of helping them achieve their full potential. We also reward our employees fairly based on their capabilities, performance and contribution to LB.