Behind The Print

Precious Treasures

It’s time to catch the festive spirit with your little ones. As we usher in the New Year, we’re reminded of the importance of love and kinship. 


Anthurium and Heliconia, two blooms that inspired this print, stand for these two things. Anthurium, for long-lasting love and friendship and Heliconia’s foliage, a place of refuge from harm. 


The motifs placed in this manner resemble floral arrangements you’d typically see during festive visitings.


A pop of earthy vermillion and orange alongside shades of pastel blue, pink, mint green, and beige add just enough excitement to this floral print. 

There’s also a sense of togetherness evoked, something you can share with your little ones while you bond over stories during festive visits. 

As you head out with your mini-mes in twinning outfits (or not), let joy fill your hearts as you create meaningful, precious memories with them this New Year.

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