W(ork/eekend) From Home Diaries

5 members of #teamLB share how they spend their Mondays through Sundays.


Dione Song, Chief Commercial Officer
aka The Trailblazer

  • 7:30am: Rise and shine baby! First thing I say is “Hello Google” and I’d start my day with a morning tune that can range from anything from Tay-Tay to The Beatles.  Today, it’s old-school and i’m listening to ABBA :)
  • 7:45am: I lie in bed for a good 15 minutes to read my emails and then the news.

    Daily soundbites: CNA & New York Times’ Morning Briefing

  • 8:00am: I take a quick cold shower to wake myself up. I then force myself to drink 2 glasses of water before making myself a cup of coffee. I’m a coffee addict and I cannot start my morning without a cup.
  • 8:15am: I clear a couple more emails and plan my to-do list for the day. I try to start off with the most urgent to-dos or work that may require more quiet time (before my Slack starts exploding!), i.e., evaluation of proposals, team evaluations etc.

    I NEED my music when I work so I rotate through a variety of playlists.
    Morning playlist: Beats to think to or our very own LB: Work From Home.
  • 9:00am: Then I’m off for my workout which constitutes a home HIIT  or kettlebell workout followed by a quick run in Bishan park.

    Playlist: Motivation Mix or Ritual Gym’s The Daily Session (they refresh this daily <3)
  • 9:45am: I get settled at my home workstation, which is essentially my kitchen counter. I make myself breakfast, typically a couple of fruits, avocados, some pitted dates and a slice of toast.
  • 11:00am: I take a second shower and get changed into my WFH “power suit”. Sometimes it’s activewear mixed and matched with smart casual. Today, I’m wearing the Beldie Draped Blouse. Then I get back to work. 
  • 12:30pm: Time for lunch! My family’s pretty healthy so there’s usually tons of roasted vegetables.
  • 3:00pm: More work calls and I try to take one while walking outside. Love the sun and I can’t stay cooped up for too long.

    Afternoon playlist:
    French Indie 
  • 7:30pm: Dinner time with the fam. My mom usually cooks (she’s a pretty good chef!) Today we’re having salmon, vegetables and rice.
  • 8:30pm: I watch a bit of Netflix or surf YouTube (LOVE The Graham Norton Show). I check my emails and Slack in between.
  • 10:00pm: My favourite part of the day: video-calling The Girlfriend. Haha, it feels like LDR times all over again!?
  • 11:30pm: Time to wind down! I try to read a few pages before going to bed. Tonight, I’m re-reading a couple of Bukowski poems from Dangling in the Tournefortia.
    Night playlist: Philip Glass 
  • 12:00am: I set my alarm and am off to bed!

    Tip: Use “Bedtime” if you have an iPhone. It tracks your sleep and essentially turns your phone to “do not disturb” mode for the entire duration of your sleep. Plus, it’s free :)


Tingzhi, Head of Design
aka The Carefree Creative

  • 9:40am: Up and awake! I’m a real night owl, so one of the biggest silver linings of WFH is that I’ve been able to wake up and go to bed at a time that feels much more aligned with my body’s natural rhythm.
  • 9:45am: Make breakfast. I’m a hopeless creature of habit when it comes to certain meals and can basically eat the same thing on repeat forever. The magic mix as always is coffee, yogurt and granola, topped with whatever fruit I have. 

    My go-tos are:
    - Hook’s Berry Poppins with Oatly
    - Chobani Yogurt!! <3
    - Lizi’s Organic Granola

  • 9:55am: Get dressed, take an ootd and send it to my friends. We started this thing called “Houtfits” (Home outfits! Geddit?) where we send each other our outfits for the day. 

    For the bulk of WFH I’ve really been gravitating towards easy, cotton casual pieces that I can throw on in under 10 seconds. Today I’m wearing our Jacinda Ribbed Knit Tank Top with my favorite worn to death Aurelie Jeans!

  • 10:00am: Work starts! My team starts off with sharing our Daily Focuses for the day before I hop onto several calls with our Sourcing, Production & Product Development Teams to discuss our upcoming assortment. With COVID-19 and daily changes, we work super closely with our partner factories to ensure everything is in tip-top condition and we’re on top of things.

    I love having music on while working... for the past two weeks I’ve been listening to Colour In Your Hands by D.L.i.d on constant loop.

  • 12:00pm: Lunch time! For lunch today is a delicious potato stew with minced meat and bean sprouts, freshly grown at home by Dad!

    After lunch, I hop onto our weekly Masterclass sessions with the team. This week we're watching Chris Voss' ‘The Art of Negotiation’.
  • 1:00pm: Agenda for the rest of the day is painting for our upcoming collection. I usually work quite fluidly across hand painting and digital mediums - alternating between scanning in these paintings and then reworking them on photoshop. Once done I spend quite a lot of time recolouring and retouching.

    I put on RÜFÜS DU SOL's Live performance from Joshua Tree and it really helps me settle into a gentle rhythm, sketching away for the rest of the day...
  • 4:30pm: Snack time! I get distracted by my parents along the way. Dad’s been teaching Mum how to play the guitar and she’s managed to master one tune (Happy Birthday) within her first week!

    We’ve always influenced each others’ style, and she now naturally owns more Love, Bonito pieces. Always one to gravitate towards timeless pieces, she’s wearing the Aldora V-neck Trapeze Dress today.

  • 7:00pm: I get on to a Zoom or Facetime call with friends to catch up with them (something I look forward to daily!)

    At this time I change into something comfy - Alexia Lace Trim Camisole Top (which I own in every single colour!) and Meisel Pants.
  • 7:30pm: Dinner time! I have a reallllll sweet tooth, so I round off dinner with whatever sweet snacks I have - this week’s picks are cocktails from Jekyll & Hyde (their Chocolate Espresso Martini is TDF) and Oolong & Pistachio Ice Cream from Fat Cat.
  • 8:30pm: Light a candle (A Dose of Something Good is my fave!), and settle into a yoga sequence while catching the sunset from my balcony.

    As for yoga, I’m focusing on Forearm Stands this week. I recently discovered Sara Ticha and her step by step videos have been awesome for home practice!
  • 12:30am: Start to wind down, snuggle under my duvet while watching something.  If I’m feeling like something brainless, Gossip Girl does the trick (yes I’m 13 years late to hop on the bandwagon).

    If I’m in the mood for something inspiring, NOWNESS started this incredible series called #KeepMoving, featuring dancers moving, dancing wildly amongst beautiful backdrops. 

    My favourites from the NOWNESS #KeepMoving series are: 
    - Lil Buck at Fondation Louis Vuitton
    - Hania Rani: F Major 
    - Just Dance: Asphalt


Vanessa, Head of Brand Marketing & Mom of 2 Daughters
aka The Momager

  • 6:30am: Up and at it! My daughters are early-risers like me. I make a family-favourite breakfast - avocado on toast, and put the news on the telly. I get to watch maybe 20 mins of it before being coerced into getting cartoons on. Frozen 2 has been rewatched about 56 times now!

    Top Tip: Get good quality produce - especially true for avocados! I buy all of ours from Little Farms. I like my toast topped with crumbled feta cheese for that extra touch of yum!

  • 7:30am: I kick-off my workday with a cup of coffee (it’s sustainable!) and a splash of oat milk. Checking in on my Slack app and scrolling through any messages I may have missed overnight. This is my admin hour ;)
  • 8:30am: It’s time for family PE! Our favourite ones are from The Body Coach on YouTube - he does these amazing themed workouts for the family to do in the living room. On Fridays we dress like superheroes for the family sweat.
  • 10:00am: Working from home has challenged me to rethink my choice of outfit as it has to give me a spring in my step, look great on the many video calls, and be flexible and fun enough to play with my children in between my meetings.
  • 12:00pm: My husband and I take it in turns to make meals - we actually love cooking! By Friday, and with slimmed down pantry options, we tend to repurpose last night’s leftovers for family lunch. I’m very heavy handed with high quality vegetable produce for us and the kids and make sure that  every meal has at least 3 vegetables variations in it!
  • 2:00pm: Imaginative playtime and Arts & Craft with my girls brings us so much joy. In addition to e-learning, I like to inject moments of fun. It makes me a better parent to spark their interest through play.
  • 3:00pm: I typically need an outfit change after messy-play with the kids. It helps set me up for my afternoon meetings too! Today I'm wearing the Meisel Shawl Collar Blazer.
  • 5:00pm: I always schedule  daily meetings with myself. This includes a 30 minute stretch to open up my hips and shoulders. I’m a huge fan of toning and lengthening pilates workouts and as a full-time working parent, something quick and effective is ideal! My favourite workouts are with Melissa Wood Health, who is also a mother of 2, and I cuff either my ankles or my arms with these Bala weights to give my workouts an additional oomph! Me-time Sweat Life.
  • 6:30pm: An outfit change and prep for Virtual Happy Hour! I sneak in a quick read of The Culture Map while waiting. Making my favourite cocktail (a Gin & Tonic) and accompanying cheese board to get in the mood. I pop dinner in the oven for the family.

    Top Tip: Cut up your preferred fruit up and freeze them, so everytime you fix your drink, it’s as easy as dropping them into your glass, ice cold!

  • 7:30pm: Dinner is served! My husband and I start prepping the evening bath-book-bed routine and selecting storybooks with the girls. This is how I end my day on a high note! With cuddles from my girls and my husband!

    SUPER SIMPLE children’s FAVOURITE Fish and Chips recipe:

    Favourite Bedtime Reads:


Charmaine, VP of Business Development
aka The Unqualified Babysitter

  • 8:30am: Wake my 6 other workout buddies… We’ve got 13 people under this roof - yes, big family! We do a 20 min Tabata workout to this helpful Spotify playlist
  • 9:30am: Practice makes perfect - our scrambled eggs are really improving...
  • 11:00am: Take a relaxing shower and put on something breathable for a productive day. I love our Ashtyn Broderie Anglaise Midi Dress for a pretty yet casual weekend look!
  • 12:00pm: Family lunch time!
  • 1:00pm: Catch up on my reading; Hotel Jazz in the background makes me feel like i’m on vacation
  • 3:00pm: Finally finish re-organizing my books (only took me 3 weeks!)
  • 4:30pm: Practice high-fives with my 8 month old niece until she gets bored of me
  • 5:00pm: Plan next week’s meals on Google Sheets so we’re all set to catch the Redmart Rhythm
  • 7:00pm: Big family dinner as cooked by my mom aka masterchef
  • 9:00pm: Listen to some of my friends livestream DJ via Twitch
  • 11:00pm: ... end the night with an episode of The Office. I typically pass out before the episode is done :(


Rachel, Co-Founder
aka The Eternal Optimist

  • 7:00am: Rise and shine! I make it a point to go to bed and wake up around the same time everyday, even during the weekends. I find that it grounds me and keeps me sane, especially during this circuit breaker period!
  • 7:20am: Head out to the dining table (where I usually have my meals and work from) for some quiet time, set my intentions for the day and devotional reading. Best way to start my day.
  • 8:00am: My stomach starts to rumble - time for brekkie! My favourite time of the day :) Weekend breakfasts always mean WAFFLES or PANCAKES, with lots of honey! Yum!
  • 8:30am: Catch-up on my morning readings online from various sources. On Sundays, I set aside more time to catch up on my books too. Currently reading The Ride Of A Lifetime by Bob Iger - so goooooood!

    More daily reads I love:
    - The New York Times
    - SCMP
    - James Clear
    - BOF

  • 10:00am: Tune in to Sunday service online with my church fam. My spiritual nourishment.
  • 12:00pm: You guessed it - it’s my favourite time of the day again! Lunchtime. I usually give in to my cravings for heavier meals during the weekend, eg. carbs overload in the form of pizzas and pastas. *slurps*
  • 3:00pm: Sundays are also the time where I take OOTDs, ahead of the week’s launches. I found a cozy spot in my home where the light comes in around mid-afternoon, and I’ve set up a little OOTD corner there ;)
  • 4:00pm: I try to squeeze in a lesson/course each weekend - and the class for this week is The Art of Storytelling & Writing by Donald Miller.
  • 5:00pm: WORKOUT! I try to keep it light on Sundays by doing some skipping and a yoga routine.
  • 6:00pm: Head into the shower while Leo prepares dinner! He is a much better cook than I am! Looking forward to what he’s whipping up ;)
  • 8:00pm: I end my week with journaling - it’s a powerful habit I’ve inculcated over the last 3 years and found it to be very effective and helpful - it brings me to a state of mindfulness, allows me to dig deep and self-reflect to ensure that I don’t just go through my week, but grow through each experience.
  • 8:40pm: Look through my calendar and priorities for the upcoming week, mentally prep for the week ahead.
  • 11:00pm: Goodnight, world! Gonna get a good rest for the new week.


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