The Stay-Home Moms' Ultimate Survival Guide

Our curated list of resources for all moms and moms-to-be during this stay-in period - so you don't have to sweat the research and we'll let you enjoy every moment with your little ones.

Homeschooling for Kids

  • BrainPop - a trusted learning resource supporting core and supplemental subjects (here)
  • Take learning beyond the classroom and into the real world with Discovery Education (here)
  • Watch thousands of documentary series on Curiositystream covering every topic from space exploration to adventure to the secret life of pets (here)
  • Stream videos of children’s books read aloud by celebrated actors alongside creatively-produced illustrations (here
  • Practice fundamentals of grammar with free, printable short stories (here)
  • Master the 8 parts of speech with Grammarpolis’ animated characters (here)
  • Improve your kids’ spelling with a carefully crafted spelling adventure on Magic Spell (here)
  • Build stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data (here)
  • Review essential literacy and math skills, while getting in some exercise with Fluency & Fitness - over 900 videos available, best used for ages 4-8 (here)
  • Fully customizable Math & Science textbooks free for download, with interactive learning activities and practice (here)
  • Groom a Math beast on Beast Academy with challenging problems, engaging explanations, and a focus on the hows and whys of Mathematics (here
  • Help your kids love numbers by making Math a fun part of your daily family routine (here)
  • A free, online Social Studies course that emphasizes skill development as students draw mind-blowing connections between past, present and future (here)
  • Experiment with biology concepts through Biology Simulations (here)
  • Visualize and interact with chemistry concepts through fun and challenging games (here)
  • Learn a new language on Duolingo (here)
  • Learn Chinese with these multilingual resources and teaching tips on CHALK Academy (here)
  • Learn computer programming the fun way with Tynker - free access to premium coding courses during school closures (here
  • Access 35,000 pages of content on the cultures and countries of the world (here)
  • Free phonics printables for learning to read - includes printables for kids with dyslexia (here)

Adventure & Exploration

  • The Museum of the World - an interactive experience through time, continents and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history (here)
  • The Smithsonian - 19 museums, a Learning Lab and the National Zoo (here
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - the home of #MetKids, made for, with, and by kids! (here)
  • Travel to Paris, The Louvre to see amazing works of art in the exhibition rooms and galleries (here)
  • Travel to China and take a tour of The Great Wall of China (here)
  • National Geographic Kids (here)
  • Tour the San Diego Zoo (here)
  • Immerse yourself in Canadian Farm & Food Tours (here
  • Virtual Viewing of the Alaskan Wildlife through these webcams set up at inaccessible or remote sites around the state (here)
  • Take a deep dive into ocean life (here)
  • Learn all about Earthquakes (here)
  • Explore the Surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover (here)
  • Play games and learn about NASA (here)
  • Learn about our changing planet through the eyes of the NASA missions studying earth - it covers a wide range of topics including weather, climate, atmosphere, water, energy, plants, and animals (here)
  • Explore the Human Body with a human visualization platform - signup required (here)
  • Explore the Human Anatomy System with interactive models and detailed explanations (here)
  • Explore careers in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Book Design, Product Design, Film and Theatre, Architecture, Animation, and Environmental Design (here)


Recreational Activities 

  • Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of online art and craft classes on Creative Bug (here
  • Creative, hands-on projects on KiwiCo for developing creative confidence - curated for kids 2 and up (here)
  • Over 1,000 kids craft ideas on All Kids Network (here)
  • Highlights Kids - Crafts & recipes, jokes, games, science questions and podcasts (here)
  • Super Simple - Kids songs, shows, crafts, recipes, activities, resources (here)
  • Over 40 Indoor Activities to keep your toddlers busy - from sensory play to art activities (here)
  • Over 80 Science Activities to entertain your kids at home (here)
  • More at-home Science experiments with Steve Spangler Science (here)
  • Read about Club SciKidz backyard experiments on quality, hands-on STEM projects (here)
  • Online digital coloring pages (here)
  • Learn music through fun, hands-on experiments (here)
  • Help your kid stay active with kid-friendly workouts — choose from Strength for Kids, Agility for Kids, Flexibility and Balance for Kids, Warm-Up for Kids, Cooldown for Kids, Stand Up and Move for Kids (here)


Cooking for and with your Kids

  • Food Network - simple, kid-friendly recipes and ideas to get your little ones involved, Food Network-approved (here
  • Super Healthy Kids - thousands of simple, healthy recipes that kids love to eat and learn to overcome common feeding challenges (here
  • MOMables - organized meal plans and helpful weekly content that eliminate processed foods and sugar (here
  • Weelicious - fast, fresh and easy recipes with readily available ingredients (here
  • Nomster Chef - illustrated recipe books to get your kid chefs excited about cooking - designed for ages 2-12 to cook with their grown-ups (here)
  • A week of toddler-friendly dinners (here
  • 21 fun and delicious recipes you can make with your kids on TASTY (here)
  • 30 easy recipes your kids can make all by themselves (here
  • 12 nutritious, delicious kid-approved recipes (here
  • A month of healthy dinner ideas for Kids on Eating Well (here)
  • Cleaning (here) and Organizing Tips (here) from The Kitchn


Tips for Moms-to-be

  • Recommended websites for expectant moms: The Bump | Parents | Baby Center | Evidence Based Birth | Pulling Curls | What to Expect 
  • Learn about your pregnancy symptoms and how to spot the early signs of pregnancy (here)
  • 4 pregnancy breathing exercises to support your labour (and how your partner can help too) (here)
  • 5 simple pregnancy exercises for every trimester (here
  • A Food Safety Guide for Pregnant Women (here
  • Prenatal Nutrition and Pregnancy Diet & Tips (here)
  • 20 Healthy & Tasty Pregnancy Snacks (here
  • How to design your nursery in 6 easy steps with Crate&Kids (here)
  • Find the questions to all your answers on baby-proofing your nursery or assembling new furniture (here
  • Baby Proofing Checklist to keep your baby safe (here
  • Breastfeeding positions to make nursing easier (here)
  • Tips on how to get your baby to sleep (here)


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