The Staples by Love, Bonito

The evergreen pieces that’ll take you through seasons. 
Now refreshed with newer colours.

Why We Love Basics

Versatile and brimming with infinite possibilities, these wardrobe multi-taskers can be mixed and matched with different pieces to create various looks for both your casual and formal agenda.  

Why Love, Bonito's Staples

Our Staples collection is designed by our team of in-house designers who’ve perfected the Asian fit through thoughtful tailoring and functional details.


The possibilities are endless with these wardrobe multitaskers that can be styled for both your casual and formal days.

ft. Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top

Pro-tip: For a look that’s chic yet casual, you can’t go wrong with a cropped camisole—style it with straight-leg jeans and minimalist heels.


What better option than a high rise to accentuate your waist and lengthen your legs!

ft. Amita Tailored Shorts

Pro-tip: Nothing better than easy, light-as-air fabrics in the heat. Enter: classic pants and pretty pair of shorts with a fitted tank for a sizzling summer dinner.


Be ready for summer days and chilly nights that lie ahead.

ft. Juvenna Classic Cardigan

Pro-tip: A rainy day doesn’t call for cancelled plans. Instead, reach for a versatile cardigan to pair with your favourite bottoms and dainty hoops.


These can be your snuggly base for your outfits or great as a statement top.

ft. Norah Square Neck Bodysuit

Pro-tip: For an off-duty dinner date ensemble, a chic bodysuit is perfect with lace-up heels and sleek gold hoops.



Get comfy as we walk you through our beloved Morie, Auria, Mayven, Jaelia and Aurelie.

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