Jeanette Cheah

CEO and founder of HEX

Jeanette shares about her experiences as a founder of a education technology startup.

Introduce yourself and what you do!

I'm CEO and Founder of HEX, which is an education technology startup based in Melbourne, Australia.

What HEX aims to do?

Our mission is to help our students launch epic careers and to create a generation of leaders who take action to build the world they want. We do this through a 'professional gap year' program which helps students explore their passions, and learn innovation and tech skills – while getting credit towards their university degrees.

"Even if you think you're not ready, you probably are"

Who inspires you?

I'm super inspired by the amazing students I work with every day. They are so creative and driven to make an impact.

I love seeing what they do after studying with HEX. From working on SpaceTech startups, to starting sex-positive movements, or consulting into government environmental policy – they are all amazing and inspiring.

One thing that you are grateful for?

I'm grateful that I started to get involved with the community of female entrepreneurs while I was still working my job at the bank.

Being surrounded by strong, curious and ambitious people really helped me build skills and relationships which have been essential for my journey as a founder.

"We tend to underestimate our abilities, only to look back and realise we could have gotten started earlier! So go out there and chase your goals!"

Which gemstone do you identify yourself with?

I would identity with Jade the most. I wear my grandma's jade bracelet with me at all times. I've worn it for the past 10 years ever since she passed and it serves as my "protection" stone.

What’s something you’re looking forward to at the end of the year?

I'm looking forward to the moment, at the end of the year, when I can look back and see the amount of personal growth this past year. I'm definitely going through a personal transitional and transformative period right now and I want to see what unexpected, positive changes can happen.

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