Kids by Love, Bonito

Through Their Eyes

Go on a journey of rediscovery to see the world through your little one’s eyes 🔍✨



with Lydia and Shereen

From inspiration to design, discover what goes on #BehindTheSeams with Lydia and Shereen,
the Print & Lead Designers behind the collection.

Through A Child's Eyes ☼

"My children inspire me everyday and this collection in particular grew from a simple jigsaw session with my son on a regular Sunday afternoon. By observing my son fixing puzzle pieces from a different viewpoint, I learned that children look at things from an unfiltered, unprogrammed lens which often creates a beautiful picture — if we give them the space to discover and articulate that."

- Shereen, Lead Designer

Summer Playthings ☼

"This collection's print hopes to reignite the sense of imagination for all ages. The way children look at everything, wide-eyed and filled with interest and excitement— it’s what we used to have before the ‘real world’ and ‘adulting’ took over. I think
finding joy in play is so precious."

- Lydia, Print Designer

the perfect summer outfit

For a refreshing summer of wonder, joy, and discovery 🏄🏻‍♀️✨

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May this summer be a season of limitless possibilities, precious memories, and joy, for you and your mini-me .

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