Our Story

Come Into Your Own

Each of you - walking your paths of self-discovery

Finding your voice and learning to believe in yourself and your potential

Inspiring each other with your unique stories & strength

Because the purpose of the journey is to become more of who we were meant to be

It’s time to come into your own.

Setiap orang mempunyai perjalanan untuk menemukan versi terbaik dari dirinya, belajar untuk percaya pada potensi yang ia miliki, dan saling menginspirasi satu sama lain.

Tujuan dari perjalanan ini, adalah untuk menjadi yang terbaik dari dirinya sendiri.

Inilah saatnya kita menjadi yang terbaik dari diri kita sendiri.

Thoughtfully-Made Designs

Designed in Singapore, our styles are made with care, ensuring quality and value through thoughtful yet functional design details. Our in-house designers remain committed to perfecting the Asian fit for the everyday modern Asian woman.

Perfecting The Asian Fit

Our focus is on the Asian female market, bringing accessible and thoughtful designs that flatter and make one feel good. We believe that when you feel good, you look good — this in turn empowers you and makes you feel more confident in your skin. Our hope is to continue being the brand that follows you on life's journey, across all stages and moments.

Commitment to LBCommunity

We’re on a mission to bring women’s issues to the forefront and create actionable steps for a better future for the generation of women to come, together with our partners & community.

Social Impact

We're on a mission to bring women's issues to the forefront and create actionable steps for a better future for the generation of women, together with our partners and community.


Love, Bonito is an evolving brand that journeys with women, taking on a meaningful approach to fashion that allows for bold and real conversations to take place. Our key global pillars that our social impact program focuses on are Female For Future, Health & Wellness and Women's Rights. We work with global and local brand partners and organisations that champion women's issues to provide funding, connection, and amplification through storytelling.


Career Opportunities

Dear rule-breakers, questioners, adventurers, dreamers: we want you!