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Elevate Your Look with Love, Bonito's Women's Blazers and Jackets 

At Love, Bonito Hong Kong, we take pride in crafting our blazers, jackets, and outerwear with quality fabric and a keen attention to detail. Our commitment to designing for the everyday Asian woman means you can be sure that our outerwear clothing will make you feel just as good as you look. Enjoy the confidence boost when you weard our women’s blazers today and step into your power with styleclass and attitude.

Outerwear with Quality, Style, and Durability

Ensuring comfortable all-day wear and durability, each of Love, Bonito’s outerwear is meant to last and make styling effortless. From classic tailored blazers to fashion-forward cropped jackets and fall winter appropriate textures like tweed and wool, you’ll be thoroughly spoilt for choice! So if you want to stay stylish while staying warm, Love, Bonito Hong Kong's collection of women's blazers and jackets is your best bet. 

Versatile Female Blazers for Every Occasion

We believe that versatility is essential when it comes to fashion. That's why our range of blazers includes casual and formal options, perfect for layering with any outfit. Designed to be more than just a cosy addition to your wardrobe, every Love, Bonito blazer is a functional and stylish piece that can take any outfit from basic to gorgeous. 

Pair a casual linen blazer with sleek jeans for a modern and trendy look, or layer a formal tweed blazer over a flowy dress to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble, suitable for daily workwear as well. With our collection of blazers, you know the possibilities are endless.

Shop Our Blazers, Jackets & Outerwear Collection Online or In-Store

Shop our collection of women's blazers, jackets, and outerwear online or visit your nearest Love, Bonito boutique store in Hong Kong today. Offering a range of styles and sizes, you'll find the ideal piece to elevate your look and keep you comfy all year round. Pair them with other clothing like quality women’s tops and thoughtfully-made bottoms for ladies to complete your fit from Love, Bonito. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Love, Bonito’s Women’s Blazers, Jackets & Outerwear

How to fold a blazer?

As female cut blazers are often more shapely and structured to accentuate the natural curves and lines of a woman, it is recommended to hang blazers instead of folding them. If you are travelling and need to fold your blazer, fold along the seams with the lining facing outwards so that any wrinkles that may appear will not be seen when you wear it. 

What to wear with a formal woman’s blazer?

Love, Bonito’s range of blazers for women offers a large variety of designs to choose from, and not all of them have the same cut and design. If you are interested in a more formal fit, we have blazers that have straighter cuts and padded shoulders which will look amazing with a simple shirt on the inside and a nice wrap skirt

How to style a blazer casually

For more casual, dressed-down looks, opt for lightweight blazers made with cotton or linen that pairs wonderfully with fitted blouses, short skirts and shorts. Another classic combination will be blazers with jeans and a breezy camisole or shirt. Layer on accessories to amp up the glam and create awesome looks that’ll bring you from breakfast and brunch to bar parties.