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Your Perfect Evening Dress & More For Weddings & Parties

Congratulations on being invited to the party! The date is getting closer but you’re still wondering what to wear and that is a wonderful predicament to have. Afterall, whether it’s prom night, your best friend’s engagement or a formal dinner party, this is the prime opportunity to turn up the glam in stunning outfits and make some beautiful memories amongst great company. 

With that in mind, Love, Bonito presents our dazzling array of wedding and party dresses for women as a perfect answer. As we are committed to maximising the wearability of our quality pieces, the versatility of our designs assures you with the freedom to dress up your evening gown with heels and extra sparkle for prom, or keep it lowkey in a simple outfit with a nice jacket for an intimate dinner party. If you’re not into one-piece dresses, you can mix and match our classy tops and flattering skirts to create a look that’s just the way you like. 

With countless options to choose from, you’ll be able to put together a captivating outfit for your next party in no time at all. So if you’re still unsure of your dressing for that upcoming special event, simply browse our collection for special occasions to be inspired.  

Conceptualised In-House To Perfect Each Fit And Flare Of Our Party Dresses

At Love, Bonito, we understand that our bodies come in various shapes and sizes. To ensure each piece of clothing is perfect for women of all proportions, we begin with sketches. Then, our designs go through a thorough fitting process, during which we continue to maintain the same level of quality in materials and care in execution. Our dresses, as with all our women’s apparel, are lovingly created by our in-house designers and seamstresses, who pay a great level of attention to each detail, so you can feel at ease and confident each time you wear our dresses.

Embark on a journey of exploration and revel in styles that are sure to charm at any party. Start from prom dress, bridesmaid dresses and many more. When you cart out with an order above US$110, you can also enjoy free delivery to the USA within 7 to 13 business days. Browse and buy online today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dresses For Weddings & Parties

How do you define an evening dress?

An evening dress, also referred to as an evening gown, is typically a long dress worn by women at formal occasions, such as a dinner party, prom night, an engagement ceremony or any other black tie event. The length of these can vary – you can find evening dresses that drop between the mid-calf and just above the ankles, those that end at the ankles, as well as designs that fall beyond. 

How should you dress for an engagement?

When deciding on an engagement dress, you’d want to consider an outfit that you’ll feel comfortable in – whether that’s a long evening dress, a jumpsuit or a two-piece outfit. You could even wear any simple dress for women and glam that up with just the right amount of jewellery.  

What kind of dress should you wear to prom?
Your prom dress should match the theme of the party, which can range from formal glitz and glam to summer vibes. There is no limit to the styles for prom dresses in that sense as it is quite subjective, but it’ll help to choose an outfit in which you will feel confident, comfortable and empowered, one that reflects who you really are.