Rebecca Eu

Founder of Meís Own

Was there ever a time when someone told you to “be more feminine”?

Thankfully, no one has said that to me.

What are the societal expectations and perceptions that come with ‘Femininity’?

I think collectively as a society, we tend to group behaviors together in order to judge each other. I suppose to an older generation, being feminine does mean being more submissive and soft-spoken; however, I have observed that the younger generation values the feminine experience and leans into the softness that femininity is often associated with. I’ve learned that we can choose how femininity describes us and how we express it ourselves.

Does being Asian complicate it?

Defining femininity is complicated. Asian women are popularly stereotyped as being incredibly submissive and eager to please, both in our own culture and Western culture too. That is quite problematic for everyone but ultimately, we choose how we want the world to see us and that sense of individuality is starting to help dissipate these stereotypes (hopefully).

#FeminineAndProud means leaning into our feminine energy and embracing the traits that make us feel powerful.

What will you do to redefine your definition of Femininity?

Learn to love yourself the way you want to be loved. Challenge your own ideals of what femininity means to you.

If you think it is limiting, change it. If you think it is powerful, use it. You have the power to decide exactly who you want to be. Feminine, masculine and everything in between.

#FeminineAndProud means embracing different facets of life with grace and compassion. Be kind to yourself and the world around you. Whoever you are, I am soooo proud of you.

How do you support the women in your community? We’d love to give them a shout out to our #LBCommunity.

I support the women in my community by asking them what they need and doing my best to help get them there.

At Mei’s Own, we work with women and girls at different stages of their life. Whether that’s pursuing an education, financial stability or livelihood programming, we do our best.

Who’s your ultimate girl crush, woman icon or role model?

My ultimate girl crush is Diana Eu, my grandma. I continue to try and honour her memory by supporting communities in need.

She is remembered for her passion for underprivileged communities and I am incredibly proud to be her descendant. She was kind, fabulous and full of life.

I miss her very much and thank her for lighting this path for me, so that I know how it's done.



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