Behind The Print

Summer Playthings

The world through a child’s eyes can be awe-inspiring, imaginative and beautiful — as busy adults we often lose sight of these different perspectives. How do we bring back that multidimensional magic?


For a refreshing summer of wonder, joy, and discovery, Summer Playthings features quirky motifs reminiscent of the sun, sand and sea.

Inspired by childrens' imaginative thinking, our designers first sketched out marine animals,
and simplified them into their basic forms before reassembling them uniquely.


Th Summer Playthings print invites a world of various interpretations of marine life. It features whales, stingrays, and jellyfish.
Or perhaps it’s a skateboard, a kite, and a pebble with strings? For children's tiny little souls, anything is possible.

It hopes to encourage you to explore the world with fresh eyes and childlike wonder once again.

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