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Renewed Blooms

Often times people only see flowers in their prime, when they are in full bloom. What about after? Do they get thrown away to be long forgotten? How often do we ponder about the beauty of flowers wilting?

The Renewed Blooms collection is a reminder that through life’s seasons, there’s beauty in wilting before we can bloom again.


Our designer, Monika and her team bought a bunch of real flowers in different shapes and sizes.

The flowers were let to wilt and dry naturally at room temperature for the next few days. Once the flowers were worn and wilted, the changes in the shape of the flowers were observed and captured - by outlining and tracing the shape of these petals.


What was found special about this process was exploring the use of wilted flowers; how if we stopped to look closer, there’s beauty to be found in them. 

Like flowers which wilt in soft, retiring ways, rest and renew knowing that there is so much hope.

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