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Store Purchases

Can I sign up for an LBCommunity+ account in-store?

Of course you can! Head over to one of our available tablets in-store or scan the Loyalty QR code found in-store in order to create your account online. You can also approach our friendly retail staff for help!

How do I accumulate LBCommunity+ points for in-store purchases?

Easy! Simply present your LBCommunity+ mobile pass at the cashier counter. We’ll scan your personalised QR code in your pass and your points will be automatically recorded in your account.

You can also find your personalised QR code on our My Rewards page.

Where do I find my LBCommunity+ mobile pass?

Simply log into your account and head over to the My Benefits page to find your mobile pass and personalised QR code.

I can’t find my LBCommunity+ mobile pass. What should I do?

If you're unable to find your LBCommunity+ mobile pass, feel free to inform our cashier counter your email address registered under your Love, Bonito account for our team to assist accordingly.



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