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Store Credit

What are the terms of use of Love, Bonito Store Credit?

You'll receive Store Credit in your Love, Bonito account for returning an order within 14 business days from when we receive your order.

  1. Store Credit has no expiry, are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  2. Gift Cards that have been deposited to a Love, Bonito account for Store Credit cannot be reversed or retrieved back as a Gift Card.
  3. Store Credit in a Singapore-registered Love, Bonito account can only be used on www.lovebonito.com/sg
How do I check my account's available Store Credit?

You can check your account's available Store Credit here.

What is Store Credit and how do I use it?

Store Credit is the value available in your account that can be used as a method of payment for your online order.

Use Online

  1. Checkout as per normal
  2. On Checkout - Payment Page, select the redeem button
  3. All available store credit is applied, if the order is less then your store credit, remaining store credit stays in your account

Store Credit in Singapore Dollar (S$) can only be used on our website (www.lovebonito.com/sg)

Have Store Credit but it's showing up as $0?
Store Credit for returns will be issued to the same account that the order was made with. You might want to do a quick check that you're logged in to the correct account :)

Do also ensure you're viewing your account's Store Credit in the correct website. For Store Credit in Singapore Dollar (S$), you should be able to view your available credit here.

What happens to unused Store Credit in my account after I place an order?

We'll keep any unused credits safe for you in your account, ready for use on your next purchase!

Can I return my order if I've applied Store Credit?

Orders paid with Store Credit can be returned. But just to be 100% sure, please take some time to check out our Returns Policy for more information on exclusions!

You can also check an item's eligibility to be returned in your order history here.

Can I use my Love, Bonito Malaysia / International Store Credit in Singapore?

Only Store Credit in Singapore Dollar (S$) may be used on www.lovebonito.com/sg

Can I convert my Store Credit to another currency?

We issue Store Credit for returns based on your order’s currency and are unable to convert it to another!



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