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Queue System

How does the queue system work?

Our queue system is available in selected Singapore Love, Bonito stores, created to help minimise the pain of queueing in line for a fitting room (especially during peak hours)!

We know how precious your time is and we always want to improve your shopping experience in any way we can.

Here's the easiest 4-step guide to making full use of our queue system (and your time):

Step 1: Before shopping, get a queue number from 1 of our 3 ticketing machines in-store

Step 2: Check your estimated waiting time

Step 3: Shop shop shop

Step 4: When your queue number appears on the digital screen, approach one of our retail staff at the fitting room area and you'll be guided to your room

How many items can I try at a time?

You can try up to 4 items each time.

Where can I get a queue ticket for the fitting rooms?

We have ticketing machines throughout our store. Otherwise, simply approach any of our staff and they'd be happy to direct you to one!

Our system also shows you the estimated waiting time and number of shoppers in the queue before you, so you know how long you have to shop before it's your turn.

How do I know when a fitting room is available for me?

Refer to the digital screen next to the fitting room area for real time updates on the queue status! Once your number appears, approach our retail staff at the fitting room area and you'll be guided to your room.

What if I missed my queue number?

Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Approach any of our friendly retail staff and they'll do their best to assist you along!

For peak periods, you might need to get your hands on a new queue number. Hence, it's best to check the status of your queue by scanning the QR code on your queue ticket!

Still unsure?
Drop us a note here and we'll do our very best to get back asap! Our Customer Care team works all weekdays (10am - 6.30pm SGT), excluding Singapore public holidays. Or, drop by a store and ask us IRL.


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