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Promo Codes

Why am I unable to use my discount?

There're a few possible reasons why your discount could be invalid:

  1. The code has expired 
    Check the expiry date of the code, as some of them run for a limited time or expire after a set period.
  2. Did you meet the minimum spending requirement?
    There might be a minimum spend requirement and/or on selected product categories.
  3. Product exclusions from promo codes
    Discounts are not applicable on:
    1. Gift Cards
  4. Do you need to be logged in? 
    Some promo codes will require you to be logged in to redeem the discount.
  5. Did you apply the promo code to the correct field? 
    Promo codes should be applied to the 'Promo Code' field at checkout.
  6. Has this promo already been used? 
    Some promo codes might have restrictions to the number of times it can be used.
  7. Have you checked the Terms and Conditions of the promo code?
    Check promo terms and conditions to ensure you've met the promo criteria:
    1. New Sign-up / Welcome Offer
    2. HSBC
    3. CITI

      Can't find your promo code here?
      For any other promo codes sent via our newsletters, please double-check the terms and conditions in your email.

If you're absolutely sure you've fulfilled the terms and conditions of the discount and still have trouble using it, please drop us a message here with a screenshot of the error message!

Are there any ongoing promotions at the moment?

You can find out more about our ongoing promotions here.

I placed my order but forgot to use my discount code, what should I do?

Discount codes can't be applied to an order that's already been made!

Reimbursements won't be provided if the code wasn't applied. But you can always save it for your next purchase with us, as long as you fulfil the terms and conditions* of the discount!

*This excludes welcome offers and discounts only applicable to first-time customers.

Still unsure?
Drop us a note here and we'll do our very best to get back asap! Our Customer Care team works all weekdays (10am - 6.30pm SGT), excluding Singapore public holidays. Or, drop by a store and ask us IRL.


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