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Alteration Service

Can I get my apparels altered at Love, Bonito?

Yes, you can! See here for list of items we accept for alterations.

Items purchased from our Singapore stores or website (www.lovebonito.com/sg) with valid proof of purchase are eligible for the alteration service.

Please note that we only accept items within 30 days from date of purchase or delivery.

Proof of purchase refers to the following:

  • For online purchase: A valid Order Reference
  • For store purchase: Receipt of purchase

Love, Bonito reserves the right to refuse alteration services to any purchases that do not meet the requirements.

What items do you accept for your alteration service?

Items within 1 month from date of purchase or delivery with a valid receipt or invoice will be accepted for our alteration service.

Our alteration service covers*:

  1. Straps
  2. Bust
  3. Length
  4. Waist

However, only selected items are valid for alteration depending on design intricacy*.

Don't worry if you're unsure, head on down to one of our stores and we'd be more than happy to assess your item for you!

*Examples of designs that cannot be altered (but not limited to the following)

  • Bottoms with a zipper at the hem will not be accepted for length alteration
  • Bust and waist alterations can only be done on sleeveless or strappy tops and dresses
  • We're currently unable to accept bust and waist alterations for sleeved items
How much is the alteration service?
  • $12 Bust
  • $15 Length
  • $8 Shoulder Straps
  • $12 Waist
  • $15 Bust To Waist

We'll take approximately 7 days to complete your perfect fit, subjected to peak demand. These prices apply to all types of clothing.

Selected items are not eligible for alteration services. Approach any of our friendly staff in-store for more info and we'll be happy to help!

When are my altered items ready for collection?

Your items will be ready in 7 calendar days. You can collect them at your selected store, from 11am to 10pm daily!

All altered items will be kept for 6 months from the collection date. All uncollected orders will be disposed of and no reimbursements or refunds will be provided.

Can I return, exchange or get a refund for my item if it has been altered?

Altered items won't be eligible for exchanges, returns or refunds so please make sure your item is in good condition prior to alteration!

The size tag on all altered items will be marked and will not be eligible for any exchanges, returns or refunds.



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