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The Love, Bonito woman is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves in always taking an innovative, data-centric yet considerate approach in creating the right experiences, products, and content for her.

The Love, Bonito team is a passionate, dynamic, innovative and fun-loving family. With big dreams and a grand mission, we’re looking for great like-minded people to join us - people who are as passionate, fearless and entrepreneurial.

If you’re looking for a dynamic, no corporate-BS environment to learn, grow, and really make an impact, we could be the perfect fit for you! Please submit your application directly through one of the openings below. Only shortlisted candidates will be itnnn

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35 products

  1. Vequel Slides
    Vequel Slides
    RM 119.90
  2. Sesmarie Bow Sliders
    Sesmarie Bow Sliders
    RM 129.90
  3. Contelle Slip-on Mules
    Contelle Slip-on Mules
    RM 149.90
  4. Ginet Lace-up Sandals
    Ginet Lace-up Sandals
    RM 139.90
  5. Kraff Block Heel Pumps
    Kraff Block Heel Pumps
    RM 169.90
    Out Of Stock
  6. Lylio Slingback Loafer Heels
    Lylio Slingback Loafer Heels
    RM 159.90
  7. Srelna Straw Slip-on Mules
    Srelna Straw Slip-on Mules
    RM 159.90
  8. Sledda Mule Slides
    Sledda Mule Slides
    RM 139.90
  9. Heulena Pointed Toe Slingback Heels
    Heulena Pointed Toe Slingback Heels
    RM 159.90
  10. Lomithy Tassel Loafers
    Lomithy Tassel Loafers
    RM 159.90
  11. Malegrea Block Heel Pumps
    Malegrea Block Heel Pumps
    RM 169.90
  12. Solange Metallic Oxford Shoes
    Solange Metallic Oxford Shoes
    RM 159.90
  13. Faystine Tweed Slingback Flats
    Faystine Tweed Slingback Flats
    RM 149.90
  14. Henrietta Satin Slingback Pumps
    Henrietta Satin Slingback Pumps
    RM 149.90
  15. Eulalie Pointed Loafers
    Eulalie Pointed Loafers
    RM 149.90
  16. Hendaya Satin Slingback Heels
    Hendaya Satin Slingback Heels
    RM 159.90
  17. Feorra Contrast Toe Ballet Flats
    Feorra Contrast Toe Ballet Flats
    RM 139.90
  18. Manya Mirror Heel Mules
    Manya Mirror Heel Mules
    RM 169.90
  19. Meula Double Strap Pointed Heeled Mules
    Meula Double Strap Pointed Heeled Mules
    RM 169.90
  20. Ferillo Bejeweled Brooch Flats
    Ferillo Bejeweled Brooch Flats
    RM 149.90
  21. Myolia Ruffled Heeled Mules
    Myolia Ruffled Heeled Mules
    RM 149.90
  22. Moaja Pointed Heeled Mules
    Moaja Pointed Heeled Mules
    RM 159.90
  23. Leanre Knotted Slip-on Loafers
    Leanre Knotted Slip-on Loafers
    RM 139.90
    Out Of Stock
  24. Boffi Heeled Ankle Boots
    Boffi Heeled Ankle Boots
    RM 179.90
    Out Of Stock
  25. Loana Denim Slip-on Loafers
    Loana Denim Slip-on Loafers
    RM 149.90
  26. Leadelle Fringe Loafers
    Leadelle Fringe Loafers
    RM 169.90
    Out Of Stock
  27. Maesha Open Toe Heeled Mules
    Maesha Open Toe Heeled Mules
    RM 149.90
  28. Maege Cross Front Heeled Mules
    Maege Cross Front Heeled Mules
    RM 139.90
  29. Chaymae Metallic Sneakers
    Chaymae Metallic Sneakers
    RM 149.90
  30. Faustine Pointed Slingback Pumps
    Faustine Pointed Slingback Pumps
    RM 149.90
  31. Sevanya Two-Strap Slingback Sandals
    Sevanya Two-Strap Slingback Sandals
    RM 129.90
    Out Of Stock
  32. Faustine Pointed Slingback Flats
    Faustine Pointed Slingback Flats
    RM 139.90
  33. Marieke Lace-up Pumps
    Marieke Lace-up Pumps
    RM 129.90
  34. Hachi Ankle Strap Heels
    Hachi Ankle Strap Heels
    RM 129.90
  35. Fayre Lace-up Espadrille Flats
    Fayre Lace-up Espadrille Flats
    RM 129.90

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