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What are the countries you ship to and when can I receive my order?

Dear Customers, due to the safety measures we're taking in the light of the COVID-19 situation, we're facing considerable challenges in our warehouse operations. 

Please expect 4 - 6 business days delays on top of the delivery timeframes below to dispatch your order.

We are so sorry and #TeamLB is working hard to get your order(s) to you as soon as we can!
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with us during this period.

You may refer below for the rates and delivery time frames for our international destinations!
Country/Region Shipping Fee (USD) Free shipping above the threshold Delivery Timeframe (Business Days)
Australia $8 $100 4-9
Brunei $5 $60 4-7
Cambodia $25 - 4-7
Canada $25 $150 5-12
China $15 $120 5-12
Hong Kong SAR, China $5 $45 3-6
Indonesia $5 $60 4-10
Japan $15 $120 5-8
Macau SAR, China $5 $45 4-7
Myanmar $15 $120 4-7
New Zealand $8 $100 4-9
Philippines* $5 $60


Taiwan $5 $60 5-8
South Korea $15 $120 4-8
United States $25 $150 5-12
Vietnam $10 $75 4-7
Saudi Arabia $30 $200   5-12  
UAE $30 $200   5-12  


Taxes & Duties
If taxes and/or duties are incurred for your parcel, you will be responsible to cover the fees before delivery can proceed.

Delivery timeframes include the packing of your order upon confirmation. All deliveries come with a tracking number.

Shipping to Singapore or Malaysia




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