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Uplift Your Style with Chic & Comfy Women’s Blouses & Shirts

Introducing our thoughtfully curated range of blouses and shirts, designed with the modern Hong Kong woman in mind. At Love, Bonito, we believe in creating pieces that flatter and feel good on your skin, offering a touch of style and comfort for any occasion. Our collection of women's blouses and shirts effortlessly blends versatility with the latest trends, empowering you to express yourself in the most authentic way.


Elegance Meets Function

Our wide range of ladies’ blouses, each an embodiment of style and functionality, reflect a commitment to creating stylish apparel for women like you.


As you navigate through weekdays, let our puff sleeve blouses guide you. Their whimsical charm and feminine touch seamlessly blend with your work attire, adding an element of sophistication to your ensemble. When the weekend arrives, these blouses effortlessly transition with you, creating a vibrant vibe for your social gatherings. Alternatively, cruise through your day in our boat neck blouses, styled to accentuate the curve of your shoulders and lend an elegant appeal to your look.


As the Hong Kong summer sets in, our sleeveless blouses emerge as the reigning champions. With their breezy feel and chic designs, they offer a respite from the heat, keeping you fresh and stylish under the sun. You’ll also find these in our selection of cotton blouses, perfect for battling Hong Kong's humidity. On days when you're craving a hint of elegance, our chiffon blouses step into the spotlight. Their airy texture and refined aesthetic add a gentle grace to any outfit.


Floral designs in our collection are like a visual melody, introducing a symphony of colours and a hint of nature-inspired beauty to your wardrobe. These blouses seamlessly blend with your personality, offering a touch of the outdoors in your attire.


Love the allure of a flattering fit? Our wrap blouses weave a tale of elegance, perfectly complementing every woman's body type. And then, there are our timeless classics – short and long sleeve button-down shirts. A seamless blend of comfort and structure, they provide a polished, professional look for any woman. Select shirts in white, black or pastel for work and match them with a blazer and pants. Or, throw it over a denim skirt or other skirts, and you’re ready for that date.


We marry fashion with functionality, curating a sartorial experience tailored for the modern Asian woman. Every stitch and seam in our blouses are attentively woven, embodying our commitment to unparalleled quality and value. Our passionate team of in-house designers relentlessly refines the art of the Asian fit, fashioning pieces that resonate with your style and match the rhythm of your life in bustling Hong Kong. We create not just clothes, but a testament to your individuality, empowering you to shine amid the everyday bustle. With Love, Bonito, you don't just wear your style, you live it.


Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Blouses and Shirts


What is a blouse?

A blouse, in contemporary fashion, is a term used to describe a wide range of women's tops that beautifully encapsulate both style and comfort. Historically, it began as a simple loose-fitting garment worn by various groups, including women, workers, and children, characteristically gathered at the waist or hips to drape freely over the body. As fashion evolved, this term was redefined to denote a shirt with a distinctly feminine appeal. Today, ladies’ blouses are no longer confined to a singular style but rather represent a vast spectrum of design, from figure-flattering wrap blouses to breezy sleeveless tops.


What is the difference between a t-shirt and a blouse?

A t-shirt is typically made of a light, inexpensive fabric and is easy to clean. It's often characterised by its round neck and short sleeves. A blouse, on the other hand, is usually made from a more luxurious fabric such as silk, satin or chiffon. It is often styled with more detailed features like buttons, collars or decorative elements.


How to measure blouse length?

To measure your blouse length, start from the highest point of the shoulder, near the neck, and measure straight down to the point where you want the blouse to end. This could be at your hips, below your hips, or even longer if you prefer a tunic style. For helpful tips, view our style guide available in each product listing to check for the most appropriate fitting before purchasing a blouse for yourself when shopping online with us.